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Accelerate your journey in Digital Finance and stay ahead of the curve!
SEBAversity is an integral part of SEBA bank whose mission is to educate, increase awareness and understanding of the digital economy.
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Trusted Education.
SEBAversity provides comprehensive education backed by the experts that know it best. With content curated from leading academic institutions in blockchain, banking and finance and delivered by industry leaders, we give you the tools to start investing in crypto or spread your expertise to your clients or organisation.
Community Participation.
SEBAversity is an open and supportive community built on the principles of sharing knowledge, insights and relevant topics. We bring together a community through virtual events, in-house events and networking apéros, so you will continue to expand your expertise and proficiency through other professionals.
Customised Learning.
Curious or native to the industry? Interested in finance, blockchain, regulations or other topics? We’ve got you covered! SEBAversity delivers education with the right mix of channels that match your desired learning experience, be it online or offline events, recorded videos or article lectures.
How does it work?
Through our extensive offering of online and offline activities, customers can experience an educational journey that demystifies crypto, generates trust and puts them in a position to make better financial decisions.

Discover your knowledge starting point and select the topic(s) that interests you.


Choose from a variety of learning channels – journeys, lectures, videos, events.


Get educated on your desired subject(s) – join our SEBAversity community.


Share and multiply your knowledge and insights, create value.


Put your knowledge to good use and capitalise on crypto!

For the curious starter.

Beginners wanting an introduction into the digital economy - a bird's-eye view of selected topics.

What is blockchain, Finma, traditional vs. digital currencies, history of Bitcoin and more.

For the intermediate explorer.

Intermediates wanting to explore specific verticals of digital finance in more detail.

Industries effected by blockchain, consensus types, portfolio management, tokenization and how to apply various industry functions to your business or individual investments and more.

For the advanced native.

Specialists in the digital finance field looking to dive deeper into specific industry topics.

In-depth investigation into the market with the latest trends and developments. Scalability of blockchain, gain additional skills to improve your investments or business and more.

Educational Journeys
SEBAversity offers customized educational journeys for three levels of students. Each journey offers lectures, events, and other content, tailored to their amount of experience and depth of understanding for each topic.
A collection of easily digestible lectures.
Staking & the Proof of Stake (PoS) Algorithm
Satoshi Nakamoto - an anonymous legacy
Stablecoins - Money of the Future?
Crypto Valley Association
Frankfurt Business School
Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
University of Zurich
Become a crypto expert. Professional lectures created by industry leaders with the goal of giving you all the necessary knowledge and tools to start investing in crypto.
Tuesday, 8.12.2020 · 17:30
Trading Derivatives in the Digital Assets Market
Live Virtual Event
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